Frigg SALTWATER Popper

This saltwater topwater popper from Odin Lure Company is our version of the classic popper that features the revolutionary Odin Lure Company baitwell technology.

The Frigg Popper will be your essential every-day-carry when it comes to getting a bite on the surface. The patented baitwell on the Frigg Popper holds the Odin Fish Smack attractant which is slowly released through the laceration port. The internal air chamber makes the Frigg Popper bouyant - a big plus in heavy current, since the lure won’t get pulled under while chugging across the flow. The rattle chamber makes a super loud noise that will call in the sleepiest fish for dinner. Built to take the punishment when thrown into the toughest fish hang-outs. The construction process ensures impact resistance and long term durability.

How to fish

Cast Frigg Popper out and then jerk your rod tip down in short, jerking motions, causing the bait to “pop”. Experiment with different cadences until you start getting bites – a “pop, pop, pause, repeat” cadence is a good place to start. Because of their ability to draw strikes, Frigg Poppers are most effective when fished around shoreline cover, so target overhanging brush, docks, laydowns, rock piles, jetties and seawalls.

How to rig

Poppers should be fished on a 6 1⁄2 foot medium power baitcasting rod paired to a high speed reel spooled with 10 to 15 pound monofilament. Because they have treble hooks, try using a more limber (slower action) rod like a crankbait rod to minimize lost fish. When working around shallow cover, try using a shorter, 6 foot rod to maximize accuracy. Match your rod and rigging to your target species.